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  • The Importance of Creating Space Within the Bathroom

    If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that space is at a surplus in any kind of accommodation; it always pays the homeowner (or flat owner) to use what space they have wisely and efficiently, especially when it comes to matters of storage. In the Bathroom, this is doubly so- by and large, many bathrooms are of an average to small size. Never enough to be inconvenient or dangerous, of course, but enough that storing toiletries and necessary items requires careful consideration. Luckily for you, World of Baths have a range of wall hung units capable of storing everything you need as neatly as possible, and that they all look incredibly stylish and chic is an added bonus. We’ll be highlighting a couple of them, but encourage you to check out our extensive Furniture Vanity Section for our Wall Hung Units in our online store.


    Firstly, there’s our Taddeo Black Wood Vanity Unit. With a single-tap Basin built into the unit as standard, the Taddeo Vanity Unit contains two drawers designed to hold a range of toiletries out of sight of guests and visitors- and at 580mm wide and 470mm deep, it’s certainly capable of carrying plenty of them. The Basin is manufactured in Polymarble giving you perfect lines, silk smooth to the touch and yet extremely durable, with the drawer units crafted out of sturdy wood giving a Black Wood Grain Satin Veneer finish and equally sturdy modern and Sleek Chrome handles. The beautifully sharp angled design of the Taddeo combined with the stark contrast between White and Black makes for a highly modern and classy look, one that would not only be at home in any bathroom but would also lend it a very chic appearance. This is one design that blends form and function seamlessly!


    If you’re looking for a slightly more traditional unit, then perhaps our Trafalgar Slim Wall Hung Storage Cabinet might be more to your taste. Available in Walnut, the Trafalgar Slim Cabinet is, svelte in design swapping out depth for height, the unit stands at 300mm width and 180mm in depth, yet with a height of 1090mm it’s more than capable of handling all the essentials you’d need to store in a bathroom.

    Its design combines the best of both modern and retro designs, with hard angles and its slender tall design, the vibrant Walnut finish and wall installation, makes it a fine fit for any and every possible bathroom regardless of current aesthetics. We’re currently selling this item massively reduced just one of our amazing offers

    With a little forethought and planning, you can solve the problem of storage in the bathroom before it ever arises!

    Now you see it


    Now you Don’t


    Brooklyn 1500 Minimal Tall Storage Unit Gloss White

    This Classic Gloss White wall hung Unit will blend into any bathroom design and with its double door Cupboard there's ample space for all the family.


    Room for just a pretty scented candle of a few toiletry items then maybe the Casa Black Wood Small Designer Storage Unit is the solution for you

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  • Making the Little Ones Feel Big

    In our adulthood, we tend to forget how intimidating toilets in public places can be for younger children-not to mention how difficult they can be for them to actually use in some cases. We at World Of Baths take pride in the fact that we offer a range of specially designed Junior Toilets, intended for installation within nurseries, schools, and day care centers and perfectly suited for Domestic use too.

    Junior Toilet For Nursery & Schools Low Level Junior Toilets for Schools and Nurseries.

    The biggest difference between our range of Junior Toilets and a standard toilet setup is in the sizing; our junior toilets run at much smaller size ranges, making them far easier for children to use (and more comfortable for them to use in addition).

    Alternatively, we have recently added a more modern Back to Wall Junior Toilet model to our range as well which conceals the inlet pipe with an upper rear edge that fits nicely against a wall thanks to its flat back fascia. It can also be affixed to the floor via two bolt holes at the base of the pan and stands at 320mm in height and 290mm in width. The Toilet Range can be complimented by our range of Wall Hung Compact Basins with an option of one or two tap holes , alternatively we also stock Semi Recessed Basins to help you complete your Nursery Toilet.

    Back To Wall Junior Toilet Pan Back to Wall Junior Toilet for Schools and Nurseries.

    Also within our Junior Toilet Range we offer a choice of crescent seats to suit our junior toilets. This includes not only standard colours, such as White and Black, but includes a funky Red Junior Toilet Seat which is getting more popular. Not many sellers offer the seats in bright red, we feel with just a little splash of colour it can help to make your bathrooms feel less intimidating and more welcoming for younger children.

    Crescent Black Junior Toilet Seat Crescent Black Junior Toilet Seat

    White Crescent Junior Toilet Seat

    White Crescent Junior Toilet Seat

    Red Junior Toilet Seat Red Crescent Junior Toilet Seat

  • New Year, New You, New Bathroom.

    The New Year is well underway by now, and we at World Of Baths hope you’ve all been making good on your resolutions and promises so far. In honour of the new year, we have a massive sale going on currently, and a large number of brand new items in stock- if you’re looking for a new bathroom this year, these just might be the items you’re looking for!

    First up, we have a numbeVictoriana Wash basin and Pedestalr of fantastic Pedestal Basins currently on offer; these includes more traditional/retro styles such as the Victoriana Traditional Style Ceramic Wash Basin and Pedestal, featuring curved and straight edges that immediately call Victorian era England to mind at a first glance. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, however, there’s our Churchill White Ceramic Basin and Pedestal Sink, featuring a much sleeker curved design that’s as bold as it is simple. We recommend pairing this with the Boston Back to Wall Toilet Pan with Soft Close Seat Cover.


    In keeping with modern design but shifting focus slightly, Boston Back to Wall Toilet Panyou can’t get more modern then the Boston Back to Wall Toilet Pan with Soft Close Seat Cover. Well rounded in both form and in function, the Boston is part of our Designer collection, and was designed to fit in with any bathroom set up, standing as a striking example of delicate, simple modern design. The dedicated seat completes the designer look. If you’re looking for something that mixes the new with the old, then you’d do well to check out the Tampa Back To Wall Toilet Pan with White Wood Seat within our Range.The pan itself is styled fairly traditionally and features a wooden seat + lid combo, both of which are paired with the modern Back To Wall style that hides the cistern within the wall, or a Matching piece of furniture, picture this with our stunning Republic Back to Wall Toilet Unit in Plum Wood Grain Satin Finish, with top and front access.


    From our Newly added designer collection, the Ella comes in a square design with delicately rounded edges, and the Wall Hung setup means it can be easily installed in both full sized bathrooms and within smaller cloakroom setups as desired, and in addition to all that it makes cleaning a whole lot easier. If you Desire a more rounded design to compliment your Bathroom why not choose the Zeta Wall Hung Toilet Pan

    Zeta Wall Hung Toilet Pan Zeta Wall Hung Toilet Pan

    Ella Wall Hung Toilet Pan with Soft Close Seat Cover. Ella Wall Hung Toilet Pan with Soft Close Seat Cover







    These are just some latest examples of the fantastic products we offer currently!

  • Wash Away The Old and Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

    Amazon Counter Top BasinJust because a bathroom’s primary function is to be... well, functional, it doesn't mean it’s off-limits when it comes to giving it the same character you would any other room in your house.

    The joy of jazzing up a bathroom comes less from decorating it with assorted bric-a-brac, and more about carefully choosing the designs of the functional elements of your bathroom.

    One of the hottest trends at the moment when it comes to bathroom décor is a basin with something a little different in its design- a “funky” basin, if you will.

    Thankfully, World of Baths has an incredible range of basins to offer, all of them with a little something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

    For example, our Amazon counter top basin, which features an angled, compact, modern exterior, and a classic, smooth, sloped bowl, with an offset tap and drain as the focal point of the overall design. Continue reading

  • Inspiring Your Ideas To Simply Flow with Freestanding Taps

    Pallas Freestanding TapWe previously covered how Freestanding Baths are not only one of the single most popular trends in bathroom design at the moment, but the added air of relaxation that one can add to your bathroom, really giving it that luxury spa feeling.

    Well, it goes without saying that when opting for a Free-standing Bath, you need the proper taps to go along with it. Our range of Freestanding Bath Taps here at World of Baths has been carefully selected to match all of our Freestanding Bath Tubs.

    The Beauty of Free-standing taps is they are not attached to anything, bar the floor giving much more flexibility in where you can place them giving you a stunning look that compliments an already magnificent bath. Continue reading

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